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About Ambitious People Group

Who we are

In 2007, Ambitious People Group started in an attic in Amsterdam. By holding on to our motto “grow, grow, grow” we have built Ambitious People Group up to what it is now:

An international recruitment consultancy consisting of five recruitment brands; SAM RecruitmentArdekayLMH EngineeringFour Life Sciences and Five Finance  with more than 150 employees on 2 continents in multiple countries with both national and international clients

As it says in our name “Ambitious People” our key watchword is AMBITION; this is reflected by achieving various prestigious awards including the most successful award, having achieved over thousand placements within more than thousand national/international organizations whilst creating exceptional long-term ongoing business relationships.

We want to continue to grow, both nationally and internationally… Grow, grow, grow…

 Each of our recruitment consultancies has its own specialism, this way we can offer our candidates and clients the best service and our consultants know exactly what is going on in the market. In the future, we want to continue to attract the best and most ambitious sales candidates for our recruitment brands. We invest in training our consultants to continue their development.
The core values of a career at Ambitious People Group are:

we show our appreciation and recognition for your successes with an attractive bonus system and incentives for top performers.

to reach the top and the drive and willingness to work hard to get there,
are essential.

we believe in a professional but informal atmosphere, where you enjoy your work and have fun with colleagues during and after work.

Are you ambitious and do you want to make a career?
Please have a look at our jobs or contact our Corporate Recruiters and tell them why you want to build a career at Ambitious People Group.