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Ambitious People University for our recruitment consultants 

At Ambitious People Group, we gladly invest in our recruitment consultants to help them achieve their ambitions. One of our core values is "success" and we want success for every employee with us. Personal and professional development is very important to usAmbitious People University for our Recruitment Consultants, so we created our own University to make growth happen. 

The University has a broad scale of training and development programs that we offer to trainees and at times when employees get a promotion. 
For trainees we developed a three-day Onboarding program, in which you will learn about the organization, the headquarter and various training sessions. At the end of the three-day program you'll receive a certificate and you'll have learned a lot. 

Besides the Onboarding program, there are multiple development programs. These programs include:

  • Senior development program
  • Principal development program
  • Team lead/ Manager development program

When you work for Ambitious People Group or one of our brands, your skills will develop. At Ambitious People Group we are of course ambitious, so when you get a promotion we support you with the right program. This way you are more than prepared to get started in your new position.

The University is also used for in-house events that are organized by the People Department and for various training sessions of the different brands and departments.