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Bilkan Göktas (29) is Recruitment Consultant Maintenance & Reliability Specialist at Four Life Sciences Rotterdam and the current favorite for the title Rookie of 2019. We asked him a few questions about how he experienced working as a recruitment consultant so far, his ambition, and more. He also has a message for his fellow Rookie of the year competitors

Hi Bilkan! Congratulations on your promotion! You have managed to finish your traineeship and you are the current best performing Rookie! Can you maybe share some insights into how you realized this amazing achievement? & do you have some tips for new starters?

I have to give credits to my manager Dennis and colleague Milou, who have invested much of their time in training, one-to-one’s, and Jeffrey, our sales-director has given me many tips on how to deal with companies and candidates. Together as a team, we discussed what we wanted to achieve each day, each interview, and what to retrieve from different situations. In addition, the daily kick-offs and the Recruitment Cycle gave me great handles to learn quickly and to get results! So to conclude, listen to your experienced colleagues, work hard and get things done! Oh and for struggling starters, I also did not get a deal in my first month, now we’re here 

How did you end up working as a Recruitment Consultant for Four life sciences in Rotterdam? Do you like it, and is it as you expected?

Back then, when I was looking for new job opportunities, I got in touch with various recruiters, and I remember thinking why should not I become a recruiter myself? Quinten approached me and he introduced me to Dennis, we had a great talk and it really clicked. Moreover, I was a real fan of the uncapped bonus system. I do not want to work for a basis-salary; I came here because I wanted to make an impact! Working in Rotterdam is something I really enjoy! I was staying at a friend’s place for the past three months, but now that I am out of my traineeship, I will start renting a nice apartment any time soon and I am planning to stay working at Ambitious People Group for a long time!

What are your goals at Four Life Sciences/Ambitious People Group, career aspirations/ Management or Expert track, international?

Well, I take things one-step at-the-time, it was first important to finish my traineeship and continuously learn more every single day. On the short-term, one important goal is of course to become Rookie of the year and to become Principal Recruitment consultant. I am not really a person to say, I want to become this and that; we will just see what happens when I work hard and try to keep learning! It would be awesome though, if my team members and I later will have management positions, and can transfer our knowledge and experience to new starters. Many of us, dream about opening offices here and there, we will work hard to make it a reality!

Why should people apply for a Sales-Recruitment Traineeship at Four Life Sciences Rotterdam?

Working at Four Life Sciences Rotterdam means that you will start working in a highly motivated team, with big ambitions, and people that are willing their time and money into you. In addition, you are rewarded for the time and effort that you put in, and there is a clear career path, where you will get your chances if you make results, it is not based on seniority or politics.

Is there something your colleagues do not know about you, are surprised about, and that you are willing to share?

Well, many people do not know that I used to have a professional career in kickboxing, competing in Thailand, Turkey and more. The discipline that I needed to compete on the highest level, I now apply to my work as a recruiter. I am just really enjoying the competitive environment at our company, I sometimes even get messages of colleagues that want to know about my processes and my pipeline, and I do have the feeling that there are some Rookies breathing down my neck. However, I will soon make a few deals that will end this competition for one and for all! That title is mine!