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Ambitious People Group almost always thinks big. We often talk about ‘faster’ and ‘more’. About ‘grow, grow, grow’. But sometimes we think about ‘less’ as well. Like when we think of ways for Recruitment Consultancy to reduce our ecological footprint. A few examples: 

  • We have reduced our energy consumption by 50% from 2014 to 2018.
  • We use video tools for management meetings and job interviews. 
  • Our Recruitment Consultants use their bicycle or OV-chipkaart to commute to work. We don’t have a parking lot.
  • Our business flights are booked through the Climate Neutral Group in order to reduce our CO2 emissions.

We strive to do business sustainably wherever possible. If you have a good idea for how we can do that even better, please let us know! 

In addition to reducing our footprint, we also strive to give back to society. To that end, Ambitious People Group donates a fixed amount to a charitable foundation for each candidate we place. The professional, the company, and our Recruitment Consultant each can choose which charitable foundation to donate to. The foundations we support include World Animal Protection, Plastic Oceans International and Doctors Without Borders.