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My career at Ambitious People Group
In the summer of 2014, I got in contact with a corporate recruiter from the Ambitious People Group, and immediately got excited about all the opportunities, the goals of the organization and becoming a recruitment consultant. Soon, I was invited to interviews with different brands located in Rotterdam, starting my recruitment consultancy career at SAM Recruitment and LMH engineering. After a period of hard work and continuous learning, I started placing people on a regular basis and eventually made it into the top-5 recruiters of the entire Ambitious People Group organization.  This meant, that I qualified for incentive trips to Hong Kong and Macau, and eventually was told about the opportunity to start a totally new ‘Life sciences’ brand with three of my colleagues. This was a huge decision for me, as I was successful at LMH and I would trade my comfortable position with regular placements and bonuses for a more insecure step. However, the challenge ahead of me, made me go for it!

Growing our Four Life Sciences brand
Starting a new recruitment brand requires hard work, lots of market research, business development appointments, and continuous communication with candidates and clients. It took us three months to do our first placement, after which things went really fast. We helped many candidates find their dream jobs and clients to find exceptional professionals, eventually allowing us to open new offices in Antwerp, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt. Currently, we are employing over 30 successful recruitment consultants. I have always felt responsible for the Four Life Science brand and was over the moon when I was promoted to the Sales Director of our life sciences brand. 

My motivation to apply for a recruitment position at Ambitious People Group.
When I started my career at APG, I had three major goals, which I still explain in my interviews with starting recruitment consultants: developing myself on a personal, financial and professional level. This organization makes sure that you do just that, and working together with so many hard-working, ambitious and passionate people from all over Europe gives me the energy to give it all, every single day!

What's your goal and ambition?
On the short term, I want to make sure we keep growing as we did in the previous 3,5 years. In the future I want to be the Sales Director of the most successful and best-known Life Sciences Recruitment Agency in the world. 

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