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Maarten Zethoven (29) is Managing Consultant of SAM Recruitment & Ardekay IT Recruitment, and Top performer in Hong Kong. We asked him a few questions about his career, future goals, and how he experiences living in the Pearl of Asia.

Ni Hao Maarten! It’s already your 2nd year in Hong Kong, have you already become a true Hong Kongese?
Absolutely! My colleagues really helped me to feel at home and they are teaching me Cantonese sentences, so I'm learning quickly! In the meantime, I have become used to the many cultural differences, their customs and habits. And above all, I’m feeling at home in this amazing city, and I really want to stay here for a long period of time. 

What motivated you to start working and living in Hong Kong
I heard that the Ambitious People Group wanted to open an office in Hong Kong, after which I immediately started writing an application letter. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and go to Asia, and this was simply the ultimate opportunity! Of course, it helps that the weather is usually better compared to the Netherlands, as are the taxes:)

It’s been a few years now since you started your career at APG. Looking back, how did you perceive the Onboarding, making your first placements and completing your Traineeship?
It’s has been two years since I started as a Recruitment Trainee in Amsterdam. I remember that I could not afford a nice suit, so I tried to go to my first interview wearing dark jeans, then I got sent away to buy formal trousers, can you imagine? Also, I remember that it took some time for me to do my first placements. Due to hard work and focusing on learning and improving, I started placing people on a regular basis. 

Currently, you are managing a team of high potential recruiters that all dream to make it big. What’s it like to manage such a team of talented individuals, what kind of manager are you, and is it difficult to manage people who have different cultural backgrounds?
Well, I think our team is the absolute best mix there is! We are a close team, and we all really enjoy living in Hong Kong. Our two newest team members already made 2 placements in their first two months, which is really impressive! Teaching them on the job and leading by example is my holy grail! If you are looking for an international career in recruitment, I'll be happy to help you out!

What is your ultimate ambition at Ambitious People Group
Now it's my goal to generate more business, open up new verticals and offices all across Asia. Hopefully, I can be APG's first Sales Director Asia!

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