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Milan's career at Ambitious People Group
Back in 2014, I was happy to start my recruitment consultant career as a trainee at SAM recruitment in Rotterdam. For me, this was the best place to learn about recruitment and sales. A few months later, I moved to LMH Engineering in Rotterdam to expand my knowledge of other markets. This proved to be a great decision as things went really well, and I was given the opportunity to start our Antwerp office while operating from Rotterdam. After starting from scratch, we worked hard to build a database of clients and candidates, started making placements and hired several new recruitment talents. Due to our success, we actually moved with the team to Antwerp and continued to build up the brand. After this, the opportunity was offered to become Brand Manager of SAM Recruitment, the brand where it all started for me. Now, I am working together with dedicated teams in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Düsseldorf to help sales & marketing professionals to achieve their ambitions. 

What do you like about working at Ambitious People Group?
I love the ambition of this company, the opportunities and the challenges that come with it. For example, starting an office in a new country is a journey filled with highs and lows, and I feel that this is where you will learn the most. In addition, it is interesting to experience different business cultures and to work with people from different backgrounds. For me, it is all about growth on a professional and personal level.

What are the most important skills and traits a recruiter should have? 
A good Recruitment Consultant is dedicated and works hard, but also has fun and does the job with a purpose. It may not be the easiest job out there, but if you show persistence & commitment, and listen to the needs of your clients and candidates, you can be very successful. You are your only limit!

What is your ultimate goal at Ambitious People Group?
In 10 years, SAM Recruitment will be the most renowned and biggest Sales & Marketing recruitment specialist brand in the world. All the sales and marketing professionals looking for a next career step and all the clients looking for personnel should immediately think of SAM as the go-to-brand. As Manager Director with my own international board, we will help many people with finding their dream job and make them happy.

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