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Check out our new design for our international recruitment offices 

In August 2018, we introduced our new corporate APG office design which will be implemented in all multidisciplinary brand offices from Ambitious People Group. The aim is to recognize where you are and feel at home in all APG offices all over the world.

With a new office, comes new energy, great deals, and more fun. The APG Living Room has been designed to meet & greet clients and candidates in a welcome and friendly environment so people feel comfortable and at home. Of course, it is also designed for you to have lunches & drinks in a relaxing and fun atmosphere with your colleagues.

Here are some explanations for the elements we used in our redesign:

  • The color green and wooden materials are used to represent earth, peace, calmness, rest and nature.
  • The People wallpaper has been used as we are in a people business!
  • You can sit on yellow stools, a color meaning prosperity in Asia and representing our Hong-Kong and future Asian offices.
  • You can do some sports as well and re-energize and focus on something very different.
  • It is designed to have a quiet talk with someone or have some Friday drinks with some music.