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Svenja Fronterré is Managing consultant at Five Finance Frankfurt and mentor of an office with high potential consultants! It is only 1.5 years ago when she started her Recruitment Traineeship. Learning fast, working hard, and many happy candidates later, she is now pushing a talented group of recruiters to great heights! We asked Svenja a few questions about her career, her ambition, transferring between brands and her quick rise to a senior position. 

Hi Svenja! It has been only 1.5 years since you have joined the Ambitious People Group. It is time to look back now! Could you share some insights on how you experienced the application process, the onboarding, doing your first placement and successfully completing your Traineeship?

After starting in January 2018, and due to intensive training and help from my dear colleagues, I was able to place 3 people in the first 3 months. Hereafter, I qualified for the Mystery Summer Night trip, where we had an mystery night in Cannes, and after making 12 placements, I qualified for the trip to NY as well! However, the highlight for me was the opportunity to open the first office of the ‘Five Finance’ brand in Germany.

What motivated you to apply for a recruitment consultant position at APG, and is it as you expected?

Since finishing my studies, I have always worked in Sales. Back then, I was looking for a new challenge and saw the job advertisement from APG. After a very nice and informative phone call with corporate recruitment, I was convinced that the role of a recruiter was just perfect for me. Moreover, I consider recruitment as the supreme discipline in the sales world!

You are currently supervising a young group of recruiters, and many of them are already making placements. What is it like to be a managing consultant of such a talented group?

I am very proud of all our team’s achievements, especially since we really started from scratch. There was no database, no clients and there was actually no one in Germany who ever heard of Five Finance. Within 5 months, we managed to gain a foothold in this competitive market, and this was only possible due to the efforts of our amazing team.
 I am pleased and grateful to work together with four dedicated and committed people who are willing to work hard to achieve success!

 It seems that they really value your training, and tips and tricks. Can you tell us what makes someone a great team leader? Did you always have managing capabilities, and who is helping you to become better?

Ha-ha, I have read that too. Well, I would say that I try to support my team in all situations and they can come up to me with all matters, and of course, I will help them in their development to become great all-around recruiters. In addition, I make sure that there is enough room for fun! I have to thank my previous manager Bodil, and my current manager Dineke, who help me with my decisions and support me to become the best possible manager I could be.

You have started at LMH Engineering and are now working for Five Finance, what was it like to switch between brands, why did you switch?  Is there a difference? Would you advise others to do it as well?

I really enjoyed working at LMH, working in an amazing team where we had lots of fun! However, I just could not let go of the opportunity to open a new office and develop myself on a personal and professional level. Every day, I am happy to go to work, work hard, have fun, and celebrate success! My advice is that everyone should go their own way that truly makes them happy. APG is an employer that will give you opportunities if you can bring your motivation and diligence to the table, and I think that my career proves this!

Can you share some of your goals at Five Finance Frankfurt, and do you have an ultimate goal at APG?
We definitely want to continue to grow and to be among the top five in the office rankings. At the end of the year, I would be happy to have an office full of new people, principals and, of course, I will continue to pursue my own career path and will be taking some of the promotions with me this year, as well!

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